Wine Barrel Band Wood Ring

wood ring  Wine Barrel Band Wood Ring $50 – $55 (plus tax)

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Our one of a kind wood racks are a functional and unique addition to every fireplace, wood stove, or outdoor fire ring or fire pit.  The metal bands from the wine barrels are attached to pieces of the wine barrel staves as a base as well as one for the top handle.  Light weight and easy to move when empty they can be quickly stored during warmer weather.

These can also be used as beautiful quilt keepers.  Simply wipe out the wood ring (removing any dust, dirt, wood chips), fold then roll your favorite quilts, and arrange them in the wood rack during the warmer months.  When the chill arrives again, take out the quilts and fill it with wood for the fire place!

Size: 26 inch diameter band by 28 inches tall (including handle and base)


Additional size available – EVENT ONLY SPECIAL!  This item is ONLY available at our events and only while supplies last.  

23 inch diameter band by 25 inches tall (including handle and base)  $50.00 (plus tax, S&H)