Bella’s & Buddy’s Beds

Bellas Bed          Buddys Bed

The beds are available in raw wood (shown above) or stained in your choice of color (shown below).

Buddys Bed Stained GO w Buddy        Bellas Bed Stained

Buddy’s Bed / Bella’s Bed Starting At $99.00 each (plus tax) 

Both of these beds are available in a variety of sizes.  Each bed features your choice of a soft bed insert or a thick padded orthopedic insert.  The size will be dictated by the size of the insert needed.  These beds will be comfy havens for the very small to the extremely large pet.  No pet is too small or too large!  They are made from recycled shipping pallets and are sanded smooth to keep your pet safe and snugglie for years to come.

Custom sizes available but are strictly dependent upon the size of the bedding insert needed / available.  Please email your custom inquiries to:

NOTE: Shipping Not Available For This Item – LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

The standard Buddy’s & Bella’s Beds are approximately 26″ wide by 22″ deep by 7″ tall.  You have your choice of bedding style.