Flights of Fun

flight-of-4a     Flights of Fun $29.00 ea (plus tax, S&H)

If you want to avoid S&H costs and pick up your product(s) at our Moorestown, NJ location, please do not use the cart option below.  Instead, please email your order including your name and contact info to:

Our custom Flights of Fun include 4 shot glasses in each and are all unique and made to order.  Order one or a few to use for parties and tastings.  Our craftsmen will create your piece(s) in the finish you desire.  All are made from solid oak reclaimed wine or spirit barrels and add a truly unique style to your next gathering.

Serve whiskey, beer, jello shots, mini desserts, or even herbs and spices.  The possibilities are endless!

Stain colors available: see Stain Choices