Lilly’s Bed (Full Barrel Beds)

Full Barrel Bed Front  Lilly’s Bed (Full Barrel Bed)  $350.00 (plus tax)

Full Barrel Bed Side

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Lilly’s Bed is made of (almost) a full reclaimed solid oak wine barrel.  This luxurious bed will be like none other you have every owned!  This will be like a pet hotel for smaller pets. (See 11 pound Sparkie pictured below stretched out with room for guests.)  And will fit your medium to large pets up to approximately 60 pounds (depending on breed and body type).  Each hand crafted bed includes a stand that will keep it firmly in place so your pet will not be rocking and rolling all night long.  We will also include the bed insert (styles and colors may vary based on stock and availability).

Choice of stain colors:  see Stain Choices

Sizes will vary based on the size of the barrel used to create the bed.  Approximate sizing 23″ deep by 25″ across.

Full Barrel Bed Front Sparkie